This week for science

We did these weird experiments. 😮 you can see it on School tube. 🙂 That was one of the experiments. Wasn’t that weird? 😮 The can imploded because of the air pressure. Another one was where there were two colors: blue and yellow. one was on the bottom and one was on the top. The reason one color was on the bottom is because it was more dense. 🙁 In another one was where a fan blew close to a water. There was little wind moving the water. The further away the fan was the more the wind would blow the water making it move more. 🙂

Blog challenge 10 activity 2

I wrote 16 posts and they were all school based. I also have recived a comment from a student and two teachers have seen mine. The post for student blog challenge 3 is the one with the most comments. I didn’t really know what happened to be honest. I enjoy writing this post the most because it is so easy. I have changed my blog theme once because my teacher taught me to and I didn’t think it was all that cool. I haven’t done any widgetsmand I do not think it is enough. I just do not know how to do them. I know at least two students has seen my blog because they wrote me back.


My favorite…………

Hi, my name is Daniel. I like the color purple, what color do you like? I love ice cream, but I cannot decide what I like best! My favorite sport is soccer and I am starting to like floor hockey. My favorite food is ice cream and I like to drink it with root beer to make a root beer float! My favorite pet is my cat. My favorite animal is either a Tiger, a Koala, or a platypus.

I think my favorite president was president Aberaham Lincon.

I got that image from


My family likes to have quiet time and sleep execpt my brother and I. My 2 year old sister is afraid of nerf guns so thats how I almost got in major trouble today.