Blog challenge 7 first activity

Under the Science catogories I pressed Magic Pen and that took me to a bunch of games. I played jail break or something like that. It is a walkthrough kind of game. You have to use item after item. There were other games, but I did not play them exept for this one called stealing a dimond. It was almost the samething as jail break, but instead of getting out of jail you were supposed to take a dimond from this place. I won two different ways. One was by getting caught (which made me almost lose), and sneaking in where nobody found or saw me. On my second try the games wouldn’t show up so I pressed a advertisment showing me about more games. I played a weird game with a stick figure wearing funky pants. You were supposed to make it through people and past the door to win. Of course that game I did not win. Though after 2 tries on jail break I won. Another one I went to is Under the Art catogories and pressed something called getty art. I pressed on Face mask  and the website taught me how to make my own face mask. I didn’t have time to read it so instead I printed it out. The last thing I went to was the girlie website under the catogories Varity called Pop Studio. I made my own Comidy thing.